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House Plants that Clean the Air

45 Minutes

Look in any home d├ęcor catalogue and you'll see that one of the final touches of a perfectly decorated space is greenery; the more real, the better.

Not only are houseplants beautiful to look at, they play a significant role in cleaning the air. Wasn't sure that was true? Well, now you do. In fact, NASA studies revealed that several types of houseplants proved beneficial in removing harmful carcinogenic household toxins including: benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene.

You can shelf that eyesore of an air purifier and load up on these beauties: ferns, ivy, orchids, and lilies. (We got you covered with a complete list below.) As if this new information were not enough, we have a video to fuel your inspiration! Get ready — health and beauty are within reach!

Materials List

Materials List

  1. 1Container
  2. 2Plants
  3. 3Potting Soil
  4. 4Watering Can
  5. 5Gloves
  6. 6Trowel
  7. 7Liquid Plant Food
  8. 8Decorative Rocks
  9. 9Decorative Moss
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