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How to Maintain your Garden Organically

45 Minutes

You've successfully planted a beautiful patio vegetable garden — check. In fact, you may or may not, be feasting on homegrown heirloom tomatoes, right this very second, congratulating yourself on your environmental contributions. But before you get too cocky, a true defender of the planet would maintain their garden organically.

That's right, we went there. Not only is it the right thing to do (no pressure!), maintaining your garden organically is actually very easy. All you'll need is a little slug tape, some fish emulsion with kelp, Neem oil, and a few ladybugs. (How's that for a unique shopping list?)

These are some of the organic product options for soil care, pest and weed control. And it is as simple as a quick consult with a nursery or garden center professional about what makes more sense for your specific garden.

Watch our video for a quick how-to and then dig in and get down with your organic self!

Materials List

Materials List

  1. 1Containers
  2. 2Potting Soil
  3. 3Gloves
  4. 4Trowel
  5. 5Organic Fertilizer
  6. 6Neem Oil
  7. 7Organic Plant Food
  8. 8Beneficial Insects
  9. 9Copper Slug Tape
  10. 10Pot Casters
  11. 11Plant Stakes (Labels)
  12. 12Plants
Dig in!

Gardening is good for the soul.