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How to Host a Plantacular Succulent Garden Party

45 Minutes

The 80's party is so 2003. How To Host A Murder really only worked that one time, because you were in high school and in drama class. Bunko is kind of annoying and is anyone really still watching The Bachelor? Enter the Succulent Garden Party.

This is a perfect get-together for the Pinterest age! Be the first of your friends to host a Plantacular party! To make it happen you'll purchase a bunch of small and varied succulent plants (they're cheap — or ask guests to bring plants of their choosing) as well as a variety of small pots, soil and pebbles.

Party guests will make their own small succulent garden to take home, while enjoying stimulating conversation, and — who are we kidding — wine. What's not to love? Watch our how-to video here for a little extra inspiration and then get to planning! Your garden party awaits!

Materials List

Materials List

  1. 1Containers
  2. 2Plants
  3. 3Pebbles
  4. 4Potting Soil
  5. 5Gloves
  6. 6Trowel
Dig in!

Gardening is good for the soul.