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How to be a Water Wise Gardener

45 Minutes

Water is a hot topic in California these days and it doesn't look like several years worth of rain are in the forecast anytime soon, so it shall remain a hot topic for years to come. But fear not, faithful gardeners! This is not a plea to stop growing, it is simply an encouragement to make (water) wise choices.

With a little forethought and some simple tips, you can create and maintain a beautiful garden that has low environmental impact. By selecting drought tolerant plants, using mulch and installing a low-cost drip irrigation system, you too can boast water wise gardener status!

For simple steps to becoming a water wise gardener, watch our instructional how-to video and prepare to be amazed! A water wise garden is in your future! Don't waste (water) another day!

Materials List

Materials List

  1. 1Containers
  2. 2Plants
  3. 3Potting Soil
  4. 4Mulch
  5. 5Gloves
  6. 6Trowel
  7. 7Organic Fertilizer
  8. 8Drip Irrigation System
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